About the Author

tkarsh Patel is a corporate-professional-turned-mythologist and the author of mythological-fictions, published by various publishers. Some of his books are,  “Shakuntala – The Woman Wronged”, published by Rupa Publications, “Satyavati”, a mobile-book published by Readify and “Kannaki’s Anklet”, published by Indus Source.

He teaches Comparative Mythology at the Mumbai University and has qualifications in Mythology, both Indian and World from Mumbai University. He has been writing a Blog, ‘This is Utkarsh Speaking’ (www.utkarshspeak.blogspot.in) for close to seven years now, and is a founder member of ‘Talking Myths Project’ (www.talkingmyths.com), an online archive of traditional tales from the Indian Sub-continent.

Utkarsh is also a regular speaker and lecturer on varying subjects of mythology and other topics, at various forums, litfests, colleges and corporates.

He can be reached at utkarshmp@yahoo.com and his Twitter handle is @utkarshmp