Drought Demons

Just what is it about drought that brings out the worst in mankind? How do we define drought – is it the tyranny of nature or should we say, it’s the sheer absence of nature?

The ‘history’ of Bharat Mata

Invoking Bharat Mata in the much-independent India sounds odd, at least keeping in mind its history. The goddess has become a rallying point in proving ones nationalism and patriotism

Women barred from entering temples: Discrimination or case of patriarchal hegemony?

Recent controversies regarding the age-old traditions of barring women from entering two temples have rekindled the debate on discrimination.

Apocalypse compares villain to Krishna: Is this intentional or a matter of misguided inspiration?

To be fair to Krishna, who battled many a force since his birth and triumphed at every step, does a passing reference to him, undermine his enormous following across the world?

Prime-time mythology

With the advent of the television, mythology came home. It opened up a world which was hitherto little known to many.