The Coffee House

Which one do you want me to answer….why or when?


Tomorrow at the Coffee House?

Not there! Any other place. I hate their coffee!

Since when?

Since the last 14 and half years…….since u asked for it.

OK. You tell me.

A few blocks from the Coffee House, is a Barrista….we can meet there in the evening.

Well good to change with times….I am fine with Barrista.

Well you change even before the times….

Now now….if you are going to bring all that then let’s not meet

So what are we talking tomorrow…weather and politics? I can watch the 9’o clock news for that…I don’t need to go to Barrista tomorrow for that…

Are u coming tomorrow?

Yes, but no conditions of what to talk and do!

Sure…..I guess I don’t have a choice since I called…do I?

You always had choices…rather it was me who never had choices, isn’t it?

See you tomorrow at 7pm.

7.30 will be more like it….

I’ll wait.

You’ll wait? Since when have you started waiting?

The line was dead


At Barrista the next day….

How come, you are on time….i thought you said you can’t make it at 7

I guess I didn’t like the idea of you waiting

I will go with your leopard comment….

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