The Coffee House

Is today a part of that experiment?

How could you even say that….

Ok sorry… sit down…..u don’t have to be so demonstrative!

One more of that silly sarcasm from you and I leave….

& who pays the bill?!?

Not me…..

But I thought you called me over…..

Pleeeaaassse…….If you can’t change, at least grow up!

What about your son?

Andre? What about him?

I mean where is he?

He is in Panchgani and comes home twice a year..

Who’s he like?

Like his dad…..but stays with me….loves me now…can’t be sure about future….again like his dad

Now that’s not being fair to him…

Who, dad or the son?

I guess I should not be commenting…


Since I don’t know the whole story….how can I take sides..

Exactly….and above all I am not here to talk about my family..whatever is left of it!

So what are you here for?

Is that important? Isn’t it good enough that we are meeting and sipping two different drinks like before and will go to two different directions like always…

But that was your decision

But you didn’t try to change my decision too

I didn’t know you wanted me to

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