The Coffee House

That’s not what I said

Then what r u saying


How long will you say nothing and I will keep wondering why you did what you did?

Does it matter?


Even after so many years?

For me it was like yesterday…..& I can recount every event in minute details….and seeing you has only added to the pain…


How would you term it?



Sorry, that’s not what I meant

Apologies don’t make things right…

I have heard that before!

You sure have…but not practiced it seems like

OK! Can we talk about you? What have you been up to since we parted?

Nothing much….just focused on job, then jobs and still doing just that.


Well yes….am having an ongoing affair with them….

No I meant…writing. Haven’t you written anything till date?

Well yes…but not published…I guess nobody publishes the ramblings of a loser

You never lost… was I who did….

You lost what?

You won’t understand

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