The Coffee House

Or is it that you don’t want to spell it out

Why bother?

When did you get my contacts?

About a year back

So what took you so long to get in touch?

Would you have me contact you earlier?

That’s not answering my question

That’s not answering my question too!

I repeat –  what took you so long to get in touch?

Wasn’t sure, if it would be OK…..was afraid that I might be creating chaos in your married life, I had assumed you would have settled down with a nice homely girl eating home-made food three times a day!

Why not a bohemian character?

Was that one of your sarcastic ones?

No…it was in response to the homely comment!

I’ll let that one pass….

Phew…I guess that was close!

I knew it!!

So what made you ultimately call?

I trusted your secretive self and your ability to compartmentalize feelings and relationships. I also know that you don’t look back..

I am not sure if all that were compliments….though it did not quite sound so!

They were compliments……& thanks to all that of you, I dialed your number yesterday.

Just to meet and sip what you call – two different drinks?

No…….just to see you.


And go back…

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