The Coffee House

Back to?


You are going to US? For what?

To leave Andre with Carl


Andre want’s to stay with Carl

Why……after staying with you for so many years?

Well to quote someone – you should never trust ‘white’ men?

But Andre is not all white!

Well the black part stayed with me all this while and the white one is acting now!

And you are letting him go?

Why hold him…when I knew from the very beginning that he was his father’s son.

Maybe you didn’t work on him?

I never work on emotions…..I expect them to flow naturally… quote someone!

You too remember so much! So when are you returning form US?

I don’t know….probably never

You mean you too are going back to Carl?

Not exactly…..


I have the opportunity to stay back in US….I have a job at the Bank of NY

So you might not return?

Return for who and what?


And they parted once again never to meet again…

Shouldn’t I have asked her to return for me?

If only he had asked me to come back….I would have left my job at NY.

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