Utkarsh Patel is a corporate-professional-turned-mythologist and now the author of books in the genre of mythological-fiction.

He is a lecturer of Comparative Mythology at the University of Mumbai and has qualifications in Mythology, both Indian and World from Mumbai University. He has been writing a Blog, ‘This is Utkarsh Speaking’ ( for close to nine years now, and is a founder member of ‘The Mythology Project’ (, which aims to dig into this rich cultural stockpile, piecing together the puzzle of our existence through archival collections, by researching living myths and traditions and conducting public lectures, workshops and courses for adults and children.

He also hosts the Mythology Comes Alive series on YouTube for Saregama Music.

Utkarsh is a TEDx speaker and also a regular speaker and lecturer on varying subjects of mythology (with emphasis on interpretation of characters and incidents, feminism, management, and any other facet of mythology) and other topics, at various forums, litfests, organisations and colleges.

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